Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Walls that speak

So the past few months, we had been going crazy with new house related stuff. Expect the real work was being done by my better half while all I literally did was sit happily and day dream. Hours and hours I spent imagining how the house would look, which colours would look amazing in which rooms, how we would colour coordinate the furniture with the decor etc. etc. I would gaze lovingly at home decor websites, gape with my mouth open like a child whenever we would pass a decor shop. Never ever would I have imagined that buying lights, fans, fittings would have been so appealing!

So all said and done, the house was painted, the walls were squeaky clean and the floor gleamed like an obedient school boys newly polished shoes. And my excitement was building up. It was finally that time to put life into the walls. In many senses it felt like pre examination result phase where you know you prepared well but the outcome could only be the true testiment to your efforts.

Without much ado, here's a picture of how one empty wall looked.

There is quite a bit of craziness behind choosing the colour of the wall. Now since time immemorial, I had been wanting at least one wall in our new house to have a different colour. I wanted a brick red colour primarily because what was to be put up on the wall was decided first! And so colours in the scheme of red where decided upon. Pamphlet after pamphlet and scores of leaflets were thumbed through to finalize the colour. Tomato red was too shocking and brick red too dark. I had neared to the point of frustration when we chanced upon a shade of orange-red 'Sunset'. And then we watched with bated breath on how the outcome would be!

I finally zeroed in on the one in the living room particularly since it gives quite a bit of space to put up something. That something was hunted coincidently at one handicraft exhibition in Bangalore. A set of four intricately sketched paintings of musical intruments in gold thread work soon found its way into our living work. And Oh we hunted so much for that perfect frame. From gold to maroon to black we dug out various colour combinations with the wall & the room decor to find the perfect match!

And lo and behold, this is what the final outcome looks like!

I have tried so much to capture the true colour of the wall but unfortunately at different times of the day it gives out varied hues. The one above is taken in sepia mode!

More pics of the other side of the living room & story of the lamps coming up shortly!!


  1. Wow. I though u put in a lot of effort arranging ur wedding ... u have broken ur own record with the amount of effort/thinking u have put into the new house! I cant see much in these pics but I am sure the house looks beautiful!
    Cant wait to see it!

  2. Oh I like the colour.. I know.. exactly what this colour is.. coz I looked at it just yesterday.. very nice.. :)