Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review: Tea for two and piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy

Protagonists: Nisha, the plump-plain-Jane in her own words; Samir, the sauvé high-flying business executive; Akash, the ever-so sweet younger guy.
Sometimes never judge a book by its cover doesn’t really work and Preeti Shenoy’s book Tea for two and piece of cake falls under that category. The story revolves around Nisha, an ordinary nobody who has a chance encounter with a tall handsome rich man at a party that changes the course of her life. What starts as a whorl-wind romance results in a bitter separation leaving Nisha with two small kids in tow. Shortly comes in the knight in shining armour Akash who transforms Nisha’s life yet another time.

Somehow, the book came across to be rather juvenile. The writing is rather childish and tends to drift towards justifying Nisha’s pains and sorrow and her actions. Some incidences are however heart-warming and save the book from being classified in the trash category. The narrative in many instances makes you wonder how does a simple girl like Nisha get so lucky that too twice. It also gives a rather happy if not illusionary picture that life can be a bed of roses even when your husband of eight years decides to move on. But then, that’s Nisha for you! Would have appreciated more had the writer dwelled more on the childhood phase of the main protagonist for the readers to appreciate the character.

Even though the book is quite predictable; it is indeed page-turning. There is a definite scope for improvement in the writing from the author’s end that would make her stand a class apart in the chick-lit category.

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