Thursday, October 3, 2013

Drooling over home decor

The day you would rather spent 1000 bucks on buying home decor rather than a dress is when you are truely domesticated! Jokes apart, a home is always the owners pride & the neighbours envy.

Now when we bought our new home; my craziness for home decor touched newer heights. I spent hours (read days) on home decor website drooling over furniture, furnishing, home decor and what not. Funnily enough, I havent bought a single dime worth of stuff from any of these website but what they did teach me was ideas! Zillions and zillions of new thoughts came in my mind which never ever existed. I would save pictures of pretty little antiques, gorgeous coffee tables, delectable crockery that you could stare for hours and hours althogether. In other words, I had become a home decor maniac. Every now and then, I would open pages of these webistes stored chronologically in my favourites tab and enter a dreamland where my future house would look as if a page of a interior decor magazine had come alive.

Take a look at what got me drooling.......

In love with the olive green coffee table

Quirky Clocks

This unique wall ascent had be drooling for days

 For all the day dreaming that I have been doing is thanks to these awesome websites:

Any other suggestions for my day dreaming activities???

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  1. oh I like that wall accent too... lovely.. :) Im looking for something to store shot glasses... but cant seem to find anything appropriate.. :)