Friday, October 18, 2013

All in a days work

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As she stepped onto the cobbled roads of the East Village, Sheryl couldn’t help feeling blessed. A very loving set of gentle parents, a not so well paying but meaningful job and an amazing best friend. Now if only she could catch hold of a nice boyfriend her life would be set. And hopefully, if all goes well she could check the last item off her check list at the party she would be attending this weekend.

Working as an executive in London’s best advertising firms gives Sheryl the chance to attend one of the glitziest parties. The only downside was the expensive dresses that she needed to own. But with Prince Charming waiting for her on the other side of the week, she didn’t wait to leave any stone unturned for achieving her ‘look’. Never mind the overdrafts on her bank account, the spilling credit card bills and the innumerable loans from her friends.

And off she goes into one of London’s most expensive exclusive boutiques for her makeover. Four hours late, she emerges out armed with a classic Swarovski studded olive green off-shoulder dress, matching stilettos, beautiful neckpiece and several other accessories. Several thousand pounds poorer but with a million dollar smile, Sheryl is finally satisfied with her purchases. A mental calculation of her purchases leaves her slightly perturbed but she quietly stashes the thoughts away. Ignorance indeed is bliss, she thought to herself. And anyway it’s all investment for the future, she thinks. After all, a top executive’s future girlfriend would be expected to dress properly.

With most of her shopping done, Sheryl strolls along on the high street pleased with her shopping, humming tunelessly. A shop window distracts her and jolts her out to her reverie. Hung around the mannequins’ delicate shoulders was an exquisite red cashmere jacket.

In a trance, she walks into the shop and before she knows she is admiring the feel of the fabric against her skin. The price tag of nearly 1000 pounds rattles her a bit.

‘But even if I wear it for a year, that’s just about 2 pounds a day. That’s a small price to pay for keeping myself warm and it’s a necessity than a luxury’ she thinks justifying her purchase.

“I’l take it”, she tells the sales girl who has been annoyingly lingering around. Oh, but how do I pay for this, she thinks to herself.

“Can I use multiple credit cards?” she asks the cashier. Upon an affirmative, comes out four different cards, two cash cards and 25 quid notes.

Wee bit unnerved, Sheryl calms her down with the thoughts of her glamorous new outfits. Oh dear, but I need make-up too, comes a niggling thought.

As if by magic, a MAC store comes into the view and she saunters in. Few hours later, an exquisitely made-up Sheryl walks out armed with several packages of tubes, lotions & potions. Feeling all set for the party, she feels like indulging herself with a little pampering session.

As she sits in the manicure chair, Sheryl contemplates to herself about her extravagances.

All for the future, she thinks. Ignorance indeed is bliss, she thinks to herself.


  1. enjoyed reading it. in real life this is so common.

  2. Ignorance is no doubt a bliss till the credits are due for payment!
    Nicely written