Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gradual Transitions......

Its amazing how the interest of an individual change over a period of time.

Just about a year back, I was turning into one of those bridezillas whose whole and sole aim in life was to organize her wedding. Have been meaning to write a blog around the journey of getting married but oh well there hasnt been any time to do that.

Coming around to the topic of gradual transition of life; once you get married, the next thing on our to-do list dawns upon you- time to be an adult; no more daddy & mommy to run off to for every trivial issue (mental note- did I really do that!!). Jokes aside, soon after we go married, we decided to take a plunge and buy our own brick & mortar. And lo & behold, the bridezilla gets transformed into a home decor maniac. From browsing through home decor website to blogs to attending fairs & exhibitions; I myself am amazed at how much the interests of an individual can differ over a period of time.

Inspiration & hope has come through several home decor blogs that I felt have added value & character to my house. But hold on, below I go ahead, a big round of thanks for all of the following blogs & many more who contributed to my ideas & will continue to do so:

1. Patricia's Colour Dekor:

2. Key bunch:

3. Simran's Simz Corner:

4. Ankita's The Bangalore Snob:

Pics of my newly done up shall follow shortly.......loads & loads of suggestions for corners, walls, empty spaces etc. needed!!

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